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Security: Using the Power of Video

While the ultimate in security is an 24/7 onsite, highly trained security guard, economics and circumstances often make that scenario impractical. However, continuing advances in technology make the use of video an excellent alternative for many situations.

Forget Grainy Black and White

When the earliest applications of video were put to use as CCTV installations, they were seen as an amazing breakthrough in security technology. However, compared to today’s capabilities, those early monitors seem archaic.

Modern video monitoring systems utilize cameras that are full color and often have HD capabilities. Additionally, these cameras can use lenses that are extremely fine, capable of zoom close-ups, and remotely controlled.

In addition to the ability to accurately film locations in detail, even in low-light circumstances, modern video systems have multiple options for storing and broadcasting the captured images. Not only can recordings be made onsite with inexpensive and high-quality media, they can be instantly transmitted to remote cloud storage locations and viewed real-time anywhere desired.

All of these advanced capabilities come at a very affordable investment, allowing video to be used throughout any location desired.

Cameras in the Cloud

The concept of cameras in the cloud is not just a catchy blog entry. It describes a powerful new surveillance concept, Video Surveillance as a Service. The potential power of VSaaS is one more way that cloud technology enables remote access to digital capabilities, similar to the popular use of Software as a Service, SaaS.

Whereas a traditional CCTV system limits the use of video to a single location with multiple, hard-wired cameras, VSaaS eliminates those limitations. In fact, CCTV installations are enhanced when integrated with VSaaS offerings.

There are a number of ways individual homeowners, property managers, business owners, and others can incorporate VSaaS into their security plans. With the ability to monitor installed cameras real-time on any computer or mobile device 24/7, this concept raises the bar for surveillance standards.

Integrating VSaaS with Overall Security

For corporations, governments and other non-residential applications, wise security managers understand that VSaaS is not a replacement for onsite, professional monitoring. Rather, this application allows the investment in such capabilities to be deployed more effectively and efficiently.

By maintaining recorded, real-time 24/7 surveillance of high-risk locations, the ability to respond to any perceived or actual breaches is greatly improved. Also, these systems enhance the effectiveness of monitoring for everything from water leaks to fire.

Instead of being restrained to a single monitoring room with only a few cameras, a remote monitoring system with highly trained personnel, onsite security is free to project and maintain a personal presence throughout a facility. Additionally, there is less risk of unsupervised monitoring when called away from the surveillance system.

One additional factor will drive acceptance of VSaaS. As software continues to advance, many of the problems detected by HD cameras can automatically trigger alarms, augmenting the human monitoring function.

The power of video is a growing component of any effective security and surveillance plan.

3 Ways Preventative Maintenance Pays for Itself

Hoping for the Best, Planning for the Worst

As everyone involved with any type of facility management and operations, proactive oversight is the best way to ensure some of the biggest problems are avoided. We all understand the reality of Murphy’s Law and the importance of preparing for the worst while seeking a smooth, trouble-free environment.

In today’s world, just a few of the ongoing concerns include:

  • Dealing with backup power sources in the event of a blackout
  • Providing security services that allow real-time reporting capabilities
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance with local, state and federal agencies

Fortunately, we can make the job easier in most cases with the right amount of planning and procedures. One of the most effective tools any property or building manager can employ is effective preventative management procedures. The many electrical and mechanical components that keep modern buildings functioning are increasingly complex and expensive. According to the Building Owners and Managers Association, up to 15 percent of an average facility’s budget is allocated to repairs and maintenance. Repeated studies show preventative maintenance plays an important role in keeping components functioning efficiently and costs under control.

A Significant Return on Investment

The use of an effective PM program returns benefits in at least 3 areas:

1. Avoiding untimely break downs

2. Extending the useful life of equipment

3. Occupant and tenant satisfaction and retention

When it comes to direct financial benefits, according to an article in Facilities Net, the costs impacted by effective preventative maintenance programs include the:

  • Actual costs of PM
  • Extension of useful life
  • Costs of repairs and maintenance
  • Costs (hard and soft) when proper maintenance is not utilized
  • Equipment replacement costs and costs of downtime
  • Increased energy costs of improperly maintained equipment

In an analysis of the net savings over a period of 7 years, the numbers of the detailed study showed as much as a 500 percent return in equipment repair and replacement costs and an annual energy savings of more than 7 percent.

Other studies show similar levels of savings. For example, a study by Jones Lang LaSalle shows that properly maintaining HVAC compressors eliminates more than 90 percent of breakdowns during temperature extremes in the summer and winter. This saves costly repairs and delays during the most critical periods. Cumulatively, these factors represent a major direct financial ROI for the cost of a PM program.

Additionally, both of the mentioned studies show an average of more than 20 extended life of equipment when properly maintained. Aside from the cost of the equipment, these save downtime and the expense of installation. These factors lead to the third advantage, improved satisfaction of occupants and tenants.

Even if preventative maintenance involves downtime, it can be scheduled at times more convenient to those using the facility and its resources. Eliminating unscheduled breakdowns of elevators, medical equipment, HVAC systems equipment is a factor shown by the Building Owners and Managers Association to be a significant factor in both tenant satisfaction and retention.

While there are other benefits to an effective preventative maintenance program, these three provide sufficient justification for placing a priority on PM.

Preventative maintenance is critical, however combining that with our real time reporting technology will help you mitigate risk and liability a step further, as well as save money on your liability insurance premiums.

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New Solutions to an Old Security Problem

If you are in a position where security is one of your responsibilities, we understand the increasing challenges you face. Whether you are a facilities manager, a property manager, or the head of security at a large installation, you are confronted with an increasing range of threats and security concerns.

We understand that meeting the security concerns of your job can no longer be fulfilled by a guard walking around with a flashlight and a little key. Fortunately, you don’t have to settle for that as your security solution. We offer you an approach to security that is affordable and without compromise, applying the latest in technology to give you real-time security options.

Tried and True

While the RelianceTrac solution uses the latest in technology, it is based on time-tested and proven security principles. Those responsible for our core technology are security professionals who understand both the common needs for security and the unique aspects of different industries. We deliver tailored security solutions to a range of industries and installations, including:

  • Government buildings
  • Medical facilities
  • Educational institutions
  • All types of property management situations

We provide security personnel with the in-hand tools to do the job with which they are tasked. We know that you may be like many property and facility managers, viewing security as something that causes a concern in the pit of the stomach, wondering when it will fail you. With our technology your security personnel are an extension of your eyes and ears, not independent agents wandering around in the dark.

Instead, we give you the option to have true peace of mind that you are on top of your security requirements 24/7. We enhance all aspects of the security spectrum, including:

  • Training
  • Accountability
  • Response times
  • Range of service offerings

It’s a proven fact that those most likely to cause security threats prefer to choose the most vulnerable targets. With the security solutions offered by RelianceTrac you send a clear message that you are serious about security and equip your personnel to provide it effectively.

Additionally, your commitment to using 21st century solutions provides greater security and a sense of confidence for your occupants, clients, and/or owners.

Why Compromise?

When you have to deliver on security, there is need to deal with both prevention and response. If you can provide better prevention and more effective response at an affordable price, why settle for hundred-year old solutions or worse?

We can demonstrate why we are glad to go head-to-head with any supposed competitor. We leave that competition shaking their heads in sorrow once we show you how your security personnel can use our technology to:

  • Record their presence with login and logout in real time
  • Record any onsite event at any location, with all information GPS and time stamped
  • Provide audio and video in real time for any parking, security, and/or maintenance need
  • Provide you with text, photo, QR scans or other information on the spot, with the ability to assign priorities
  • Provide real time management of reported issues

If you’re ready to make your security force a real asset, give us a call today. You’ll soon be sleeping a lot more soundly knowing RelianceTrac has got your back.

Kind regards,

Las Vegas Security

Joel Logan, Reliance Security, Inc

Continual Improvement in Property Security, Safety, and Maintenance

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