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RelianceTrac Software Running on a Mac



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Mac Running RelianceTrac

Multi Housing, HOA, Commercial Properties, Schools and More

Able to create new security issues that are assigned with Issue ID’s for guards to automatically respond to from their device.

Residents, Tenants & Employee Users

Access to go online and report an issue from the property in which they live in. This will immediately be sent to the Issue Monitor Webpage for on-site staff to handle accordingly.

Security Managers, Owners, Clients & More

Once Issue ID’s are inputted all system users (with access) will be able to view Issue Monitor Webpage, the status of Issue ID’s and more.

Guaranteed improved communications!

  • Better Decision Making 
  • Reduced Risk Liability 
  • Identification of Safety Issues 



Once a report is created via web or mobile device it is instantly entered into the system for user’s to view from anywhere with internet access.

  • Color coded issue types: Security, Maintenence or Parking
  • All system user notes, email correspondences, & field notes related to a reported issue
  • Issue levels, who reported, and more

iPad Running RelianceTrac

Clients are Impressed

Impress Clients

For property managers of properties that need security, a security company is often viewed as a necessary evil on the annual budget. But imagine a property manager actually appreciating you, not as a vendor, but as a partner. A partner that shows tangible ROI. A partner that saves them time and helps create unparalleled, beautiful reports that make them look great during capital inspections. A partner who sticks with you and is happy to pay you on time. With RelianceTrac real time security and incident reporting software you can stop imagining and start living it. Having had boots on the ground and maintaining long lasting relationships ourselves we have the know-how to share with our clients.

Cloud Software

Cloud Based

The sheer volume of data collected by RelianceTrac clients on a daily basis is staggering. Our users take an average of 23,000 pictures every 24 hours! Add audio recordings, PDFs, spreadsheets, and field notes and you can see how valuable data storage is. Despite the volume of usage this is never a concern for our clients, we WANT you to use the system to it’s fullest. We have our own servers in the top 5 geographically safe locations in the U.S. which boast availability 99.8% of the time and we have passed the audit for SSAE 16 Type II. With data stored on the cloud you never have to worry about not having enough reporting capabilities on your smart phone or tablet and all your data is accessible for up to 7 years.

Helping You Thrive

International security conglomerates are growing, whether it be by acquisition or chasing out the “little guy” with razor thin profit margin pricing. But in spite of their tactics there is a reason they haven’t been able to monopolize the industry. They simply do not have the ability to compete with the service of RelianceTrac software users. We have sat down in presentations and watched the ”big dogs” with their wonderful productions and beautiful displays of smoke and mirrors and then watched the board shoot them out the door and grant contracts to much smaller local security providers once they saw RelianceTrac’s capabilities. We want you to do the same. We want to help you successfully win new contracts away from big companies that provide inferior service. We provide the help and support to get you to not just survive – you will thrive!

Support Personnel

Free Support

RelianceTrac’s real time reporting software is not your typical incident reporting, guard tracking, tour device. While it is intuitive and user friendly, it is a monster of capabilities! We don’t hand our clients the keys to such a powerful tool and then just walk away and leave them on their own. To us “support” means more than just being there if and when an issue or problem arises. It means more than providing a basic level of training and comprehension. To us support means getting you to the next level; it means making you an expanded expert in your field, helping you to understand what property managers need even before they ask or tell you. To that end we share a wide range of marketing materials that help you present the helpful tools your clients need like an expert. Building on real life successes from other security providers and our real time security and incident reporting software we can also share a variety of other sales techniques to fit even the smallest marketing budgets.



At RelianceTrac, we believe the market and need for real time security and incident reporting software is on the cusp of becoming the touchstone by which both security companies and property management companies will all be judged as industry standards. The word “accountability” is tossed around with other paperless, guard tracking, incident reporting tools as if it were the pinnacle of what clients need from security companies. But this is done so because so many end users are not aware of how RelianceTrac’s security, maintenance and parking modules all complete a much bigger picture in providing tried and true reporting. RelianceTrac’s real time security and incident reporting encompasses and addresses liability issues in risk terms and puts all property issues in one issue monitor. No other tool does that. The market is vast and open and we show our clients how.

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Software Updates

Frequent Updates

As was mentioned in the section “Unparalleled Security Software” RelianceTrac has always embraced new technology and is constantly moving forward with it. With scores of different cell phone manufactures thousands of different phones on the market those phones need upgrades constantly. Unlike other providers of simple incident reporting, guard tracking and tour devices, down time for App updates are never an issue because our IT department does them for our clients. RelianceTrac Software embraces these new advances and never charges our clients for routine manufacture and App upgrades and updates which ensures your uninterrupted service no matter what smart phone or tablet you use in the field.

Software on iPad

Cutting Edge

When RelianceTrac started out, phones were considered bricks and too cumbersome to carry, their functionality greatly hampered the reporting capabilities in the field. As phone technology changed RelianceTrac remained on the cutting edge of that change. Today the smart phone has surpassed the PC in opened emails and internet searches. The technology available to RelianceTrac has grown exponentially in the past decade and each and every step of the way our real time security and incident reporting software has as well. Based on our solid and unmatched track record you can be assured that as new technologies come to market we will remain on the cutting edge in providing free upgrades to our clients.

Parked Cars

Parking Management

It has often been said, “He who controls the parking, controls the property.” Ask any property manager what their biggest headache is and you will more times than not hear – Parking! With few exceptions residential parking is an ongoing nightmare for most property managers and their parking book, once painstakingly in order, is highly guarded. With RelianceTrac’s real time security and incident reporting parking module you can provide an updated parking book 24/7 in real time. That is unheard of, it is unavailable anywhere else with any other paperless, guard tracking, incident reporting tools and it works!

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